Club 100

A fabulous method for increasing your writing output!

For many of us, the hardest part of writing is sitting down in front of the computer and opening the file that contains our work-in-progress. I struggled with this for years until I found the Club 100 method. Strategies such as Book In A Week paralyzed me. Overwhelmed by the intensity and high expectations, I just didn’t write.

But then I found something that made all the difference. A method designed to support me for the marathon rather than the sprint. Club 100 is the brainchild of writer Avis Hester. The challenge is simple. Write at least 100 words a day for 100 days. You’ll be surprised how quickly the pages add up, even if you’re only meeting the minimum goal! And a total of 100 words is little more than a paragraph. Even on my worst, most hectic days, I’d be ashamed to admit I couldn’t write one paragraph!

Keep track in a small calendar or notebook of your days and the amount you write. If you miss a day, you begin again. But somehow, when those days start piling up, you’ll find a way to your keyboard by hook or by crook so you don’t break your “string.”

Some days I just meet the 100-word requirement. But other days, I find that once I’m into the book the writing just takes off and I’ll emerge with two, five, even seven pages.

Some folks allow themselves one or two “flex days” per week. Others may take off weekends. In any case, your Club 100 guidelines should challenge you and make you stretch. They also should make you sit down to write on days when you could easily find excuses not to work on your book.

I’ve established a Club 100 e-mail list and you’re welcome to join. Just click on the e-mail address below and we’ll get you set up. The list is on YahooGroups and you may have to set up a personal profile there. If you don’t want spam, make sure you go into the Marketing Preferences area and check the appropriate boxes.

The Club 100 list only has two rules. Respect yourself, and respect others. If you join, you’ll find a welcoming, supportive community whose members all struggle with the daily discipline of writing.

Questions? E-mail me through the Contact page. Otherwise, use the link below to join. Happy writing!

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