Mystery and the Minister’s Wife Books

Where There’s a Will

Guideposts Books, September 2009
ISBN: 978-0824947798

When Kate Hanlon enrolls in an art course at a community college, she discovers that her teacher, Ellen Carruthers, was her husband Paul’s college sweetheart. Kate is wary of the woman, but soon Ellen has enlisted Kate’s help to solve an old family squabble. Ellen’s family owns an abandoned mining town on High Hoot Ridge, but unless she can prove her claim on the land, it will be sold to a paper company, and the region’s rich history — along with her family memories — will be lost.

A series of old paintings holds clues to Ellen’s grandfather’s missing will, but can Kate track down the paintings and decipher the clues in time? As Kate wrestles with these mysteries, Ellen’s relationship with Paul raises questions of a whole different kind. Meanwhile Paul has been invited to join the Chamber of Commerce, but his plans to revitalize the local economy only lead to frustration. Can he find a way to preserve the town’s history and still make sure it has a future? Can they all find a way to make sense of the past?

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Beauty Shop Tales

Guideposts Books, 2007 (No. 3 in this multi-author series)

When the empty house next to Faith Briar Church goes up for sale, Kate Hanlon’s inquiries at Betty’s Beauty Parlor lead to questions about the house’s former owner, the reclusive Mavis Bixby. Mavis disappeared just over a year ago, and no one knows where she went. The suspicious circumstances surrounding her departure make Kate fearful that something bad happened to her. While Paul is occupied tracking down his mother’s secret recipe for the big chili cook-off, Kate looks for answers. Missing documents, a suspicious stranger, and a dangerous secret lead to a life-and-death chase after the missing Mavis. As Kate gets closer, she begins to understand how secrets can hurt, but the truth can set you free.

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