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My Regency historical romances are now available from Belle Books!

Princess Charming

Belle Bridge Books, 2013 (Reissue)

I’m so excited to announce the reissue of my first novel, Princess Charming, by the wonderful folks at Belle Bridge Books. This publication is the first time in digital/e-book for Princess Charming, so that makes it especially wonderful! The new print edition is trade paperback-size, which means it’s easy to read and has a gorgeous new cover by the awesome Debra Dixon. Enjoy!

(Note to my Christian inspirational readers: My historical books, while not very racy by historical romance standards, are more sensual than some of my other books. If you prefer a completely “sweet” read, this may not be the book for you.)


Here’s some info on the book:

“. . . high on wit, tension, and passion. . .” — Romantic Times

“Pattillo charms with a delightfully funny Regency tale . . .” — Bookloons
A hero’s work is never done.

Haunted by his past, Nicholas St. Germain, Crown Prince of Santadorra, has a penchant for rescuing anyone in distress—damsels as well as hapless canines. He has vowed to avoid heroism of any kind, but then Lady Lucy Charming barrels into his life, trailing trouble in her wake.

Daughter of a Duke, Lady Lucy’s life is anything but charming. Forced into drudgery by her stepmother after the Duke’s death, Lady Lucy endures her lot while plotting rebellion. She foregoes the usual balls and Society’s marriage mart, leaving those pursuits to her desperate stepsisters. Instead, Lucy continues the clandestine and often dangerous work of her late father. But to be discovered aiding the reformation efforts could mean imprisonment for Lucy. Any man who thinks to rescue her from her dedication to the cause will find himself pulling a recalcitrant Lucy from one scrape after another. And when Lucy’s passion for reform places her in jeopardy, Nick finds that a dangerously enticing wager may be the only way to save them both.

When love requires the most daring rescue of all, what’s a hero to do?